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Blogtober fail!

I failed!

I am so very sorry, I have completely failed at blogtober, I was so determined to do it, but so not prepared, I had technology issues and Wi-Fi (changed provider) being down, and thinking I can easily write a post each day, add in a college course and a family & home to take care of, I failed, and I am so very sorry to all of you for that, next year I shall be prepared, I shall be organised as I have learned so much from other bloggers and from myself so next time I shall have most of it written and ready to go, instead of writing on the day. Makes sense really doesn't it? I haven't been blogging long and it really shows with this, although this is how you learn to do things, from mistakes and advice.
I just want to say a big thank you for your kind messages checking if I am ok, for your patience and understanding over me not uploading new blogtober posts, big thank you for reading my previous posts and I will be posting more posts just not daily at the moment. 
Recent posts

Blogtober #9

10 favourite songs.

Blogtober day nine, I saw a pin on Pinterest for blogtober ideas and this was one of the ideas, so I thought I would do this for today as I am struggling with ideas as this is my first time doing blogtober and unlike the wise bloggers, I have not prepared for my blog posts, I've not written them all up and set  them up to be posted at certain times, no that would be really sensible, that would make things easier and I obviously am not happy with the 31 day blogging challenge, I want to add the extra pressure of writing each post on the day as well as having a college course to do and Children to look after, and all the jobs that come with it (what a fool) but I will not give up, but as today has been such a busy, busy day I am doing one of my favourite songs as it's nice & easy plus it's a fun post to do, I shall also be listening to each song after  (good way to unwind)

If you're looking for modern songs, I wouldn't carry on reading (ha) th…

Blogtober #8

Where I live.
Blogtober day eight, and today's post is about where I live.
I live in a town called Banbury in Oxfordshire England, UK. You may have heard of the nursery rhyme  Ride a cock-horse (My Children loved it)
'Ride a cock-horse to Banbury cross, to see a fine lady upon a white horse, with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall hear music wherever she goes.'
The singer Gary Glitter (real name Paul Gadd) famous in the 70's and early 80's is from Banbury,  (although us Banbury folk wish he wasn't) you'd most likely know his song I'm the leader of the Gang, (The paedo gang, eh Paul? Sick man) he used to drink in a pub called the Horse & Jockey which is near the Banbury cross. He was arrested in 1997 for downloading child pornography, and sexual abuse offences and then again in 2006 & 2015 for sexual abuse and rape (what a nice man, eh?) I think he's probably more famous for the offences he has made and being on the news so m…

Blogtober #7

When I was little..

Blogtober day seven, today I thought I would talk about what I wanted to do when I grew up, things change so much from our childhood plans for the future, my brother who I am very close to always wanted to be a fireman, I used to have awful nightmares for years when I was little of my brother being stuck in a house fire and me screaming because he was stuck and I couldn't help him, and he died, this happened so much and I always begged him not to be a fireman because of my repetitive dream and it must have meant something bad would happen to him if he were to become a fireman, luckily for me he changed his mind, although that is not all down to me, he just heard too many stories from his best friend's Dad (who was a fireman) and changed his mind, I was so relieved.

I always wanted to be a nanny when I was little, for as long as I can remember it's been something I have wanted to be when I grew up (that and being a Mummy) I've always loved children an…

Blogtober #6

20 pet peeves.
Hello there, day six of blogtober and today it's 20 of my pet peeves, we all have them and it's always interesting to know what winds people up.
These are some of the things that really wind me up, I'm a pretty laid back person but I can not stand these. People not washing their hands after going to the toilet.Bad manners People who don't use their indicators.People who carry on shopping while they've already put their shopping at the tills.People who don't hold the door open for the people behind themPeople who don't pick up their dogs poop.Smelly B.O (deodorant is cheap)When people leave the toilet seat upCrumbs in the roastLumpy gravyPeople who hold up the queues in shops by asking the cashiers a million questions.Clothes covered in cat/dog hairs.People who don't check & treat their children's hair for head lice Parents letting children run wild in restaurants Snobby people who look down their nose at you.People who bragSpoilt b…

Blogtober #5

Harvest festival.

Today I was inspired to write this post, as tomorrow Isabella's (Daughter) school is having a harvest festival assembly, so I was inspired to talk to you about food banks.
Food banks are so essential for so many people, more than you could imagine have to use them, people who you would assume would have a good wage coming in from their jobs like Nurses for instance, so many Nurses are struggling to make ends meet, it is so heartbreaking that such kind, caring and selfless people like Nurses are struggling as much as they do, also hard working families who are working so much to the point of exhaustion, yet sadly struggle to get by once bills are paid, parents going hungry to make sure their children get a meal, its a desperate time for a lot of people, and not just around harvest festival and Christmas time, this is every day of every week.

This is where you, me and anyone else out there can help, there are so many food bank collections out there in supermarkets,…

Blogtober #4

Giving birth to a huge baby.
Day 4 of  Blogtober

I thought in today's post I would write about the birth of my youngest child (now 10 years old) Isabella, she was a hefty weight, not at all your average baby weight, although I have heard of much bigger babies being born (my eyes sting at that thought) so here is my story of how my beautiful little girl entered the world.

Before I begin, I would like to say that I kept telling midwives I was carrying an elephant inside me, they would say she is only going to be about 1 lb bigger than my older two children's birth weights (8lb 6oz & 8lb 7oz) I had SPD (where the ligaments over stretch in the pelvis, causing a lot of pain) I was depressed as I could hardly do anything, the pain was immense, I used to cry whenever I needed to get up out of my bed to go to the loo, (which was often, babies like using our bladder as a trampoline) I would literally crawl to the bathroom, the midwives just said they couldn't induce me until I …